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Issue 3,  2014


The theory of electromagnetic field motion 11. Electromagnetic ether
L.N. Voytsehovich

In present work twin paradox (clock paradox) is considered from logic positions. It is shown that the paradox is caused by that the mobile and motionless reference frames are accepted to be equivalent. The paradox disappears if one of the reference frames motionless relative stars is selected. It is shown that such a conclusion does not contradict Michelson experiment because in both systems all physical processes proceed equally. It is also shown that the physical reason of special role of reference frame which is motionless in relation to stars consists in motionless electromagnetic ether. The electromagnetic ether is full synonym to concepts of physical vacuum and dark energy in the phenomena of various scales. The electromagnetic ether in relation to electromagnetic waves is only environment in which they propagate, not their carrier, as for classical ether of the nineteenth century. Other properties of electromagnetic ether are considered. In particular, it is shown that ether is carrier of gravitational field. Connection between properties of the ether and some quantum phenomena is also considered.


The theory of electromagnetic field motion 12. To the Big Bang theory
L.N. Voytsehovich

On the basis of existence of electromagnetic ether (dark energy) the process of Universe expansion usually named as Big Bang is considered in the paper. It is shown that observable Universe instead of really existing at present moment must be used as a basis of the Universe model. Using spherical Universe approximation the modified model is proposed taking into account time dilation of gravitational nature occurred in the past. It is noted that time dilation in the past is responsible for red shift of remote galaxies. On the basis of the model proposed it is shown that in non-central position of our Galaxy in the Universe the observable Universe must be anisotropic. The empirical time equation of the Universe as exponential dependence Universe intrinsic time on current time is proposed. The assumption is proved that the Universe age is cosmological constant which does not change or changes very slowly. Using time equation as a basis it is shown that expansion of the Universe in units of intrinsic time has started infinitely long ago and proceeds now at permanently increasing speed.




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