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Journal of Relativistic electromagnetism


Scientific articles representing the content of pre-print electronic archives “Relativistic electromagnetism” are published on site Science.by in the form of an electronic journal with the same name in Russian and English versions.


The subject matter of the journal content is the relativistic theory of electromagnetism. Consecutive application of the relativity principle in relation to the electromagnetic phenomena allowed to establish the foundations of the theory of the electromagnetic field motion. The classical theory of electromagnetism, the special theory of relativity and the theory of electromagnetic field motion are, in our opinion, just the essence of the relativistic theory of electromagnetism.


For clear reasons articles of just one author - the author of the theory of the electromagnetic field motion –  are included in the first issues of the journal. However, articles by other authors will be published in the journal provided these papers would have been sent to the editorial board. In this case the decision on the article placement is accepted by the editorial board on the basis of the analysis of the content of the article. A paper may be published without comments or with editorial comments, it may be sent for reworking or rejected. Paper may be transferred for external reviewing if necessary.


A constituent part of the journal is the glossary  where the basic terms and concepts of the relativistic theory of electromagnetism and, in particular, the theory of the electromagnetic field motion are explained.


It is planned to publish a printed version of journal “Relativistic electromagnetism” –  a bulletin of the Electronic archive of pre-prints on the rights of pre-print,. The printed version will be published provided that any, at least minimum, quantity of preliminary orders come to the editorial board at the address info@science.by.



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Relativistic electromagnetism