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Leonid Voytsehovich, PhD



Editor-in-chief of journal
“Relativistic electromagnetism”,

Manager of site science.by



Ph.: +375 17 322 51 42,

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Born on 10/16/1946 in Ivanovo of Brest region, Belarus. In 1969, graduated from the Belarusian State University Physics Department, and the same year got a job in the Department of physics of nondestructive testing of the BSSR Academy of Sciences (reorganized into the Institute of Applied Physics in 1980). In 1981 passed PhD defense on the theme: “Research of processes of heterogeneous ferromagnetic magnetization, development of methods and automated equipment to control phase transformation kinetics and for magnetic-phase analysis in steels”. Since 1993 worked in a number of research institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and research and production enterprises.



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Relativistic electromagnetism