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“Theory of the electromagnetic field motion”


The glossary “Theory of the electromagnetic field motion" is a dictionary of special terms and concepts used in description of the theory. All the terms including those that have multiple meaning are interpreted just in this narrow sense and reflect the subjective point of view of the author of an entry. Special importance, novelty and insufficient interpretation in the basic dictionary entry of a term or a concept may be an occasion to include the term in the glossary.


An entry by an outside author who does not have a basic paper in the journal may be included in the glossary. The decision to place the dictionary entry is accepted by the editorial board. The entry can be placed on a common page with the available one if the entry under the similar name has already been introduced into the glossary. The dictionary entry, as well as the basic journal paper, may be rejected, sent for reworking or be transferred for external reviewing if necessary.



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Relativistic electromagnetism